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CranioSacral Therapy

The CranioSacral Therapy treatment from Lauren was amazing!  I wasn't sure what to expect when I went for my first visit.  When I left I felt SO much better.  My normal aches and one problem area (lower back pain) were gone and I felt calm and really peaceful.  I work full-time, am always on the go and never really slow down.  One treatment from Lauren helped me feel better in all aspects - physically, mentally and emotionally.  I highly recommend it to everyone.  I have gone back a few times since my first treatment (once for back ache and twice just because it's so wonderful) and am always happy that I went.  I am sure I will continue to return.  Thank you Lauren!!!

-Kim W.


CranioSacral treatment is like giving your body a warm, healing hug. In this out-of-balance world, I found it to be a way of re-establishing balance to your body's energy pathways through gentle touch. I am entirely convinced, I wouldn't have healed as rapidly from recent arthroscopic knee surgery, without the post-op CranioSacral treatment I received from Lauren. Non-invasive and gentle, it's a true modality to help you and your body heal on many levels.





At 72, my body started telling me through twinges, aches, and stiffness, that I was not 20 anymore. Learning QiGong with Lauren has been an absolute Joy in that it taught me to reconnect and pay attention to what my body tells me, in a soft, caring way.  The gentle  movements, deep breathing, and stretches, have helped me regain mobility, strength, and flexibility, that seemed to be slipping away, year, after year. QiGong has become a wonderful part of my everyday life, and truly has been a boon, mentally emotionally, and physically.  



Stress Reduction Class

Lauren Porstner's class on Stress Reduction is wonderfully communicated, totally "user-friendly" and gives many simple tools to recognize and alter our physical, mental and emotional responses to the many stressors we constantly encounter.  High marks for Lauren for sharing such timely and valuable insights.  Everyone should experience this class!

-Annette M.


Lauren has a gift. As if by magic, she is able to release tensions in the mind and body. Her kindness and professionalis, is beyond reproach. I leave her feeling less stress and that feeling of well-being continues for days afterwards. 

- Ann C.


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