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QiGong is an ancient Chinese practice that is still practiced today.  Qi means “life force” or breath found in all living things.  Everyone and everything has Qi – the quality of Qi differs from one person to the next.  Gong means mastery through practice. Put together, QiGong means mastery of one’s life force/energy through continued practice.  QiGong is intended to be practiced regularly.  What that basically means is that with regular practice you will become and stay healthier, more flexible, less stressed, and more calm – all of which lead to a healthier, happier, more vibrant life.  We all start where we are. There is no judgement or comparison within QiGong classes.  We all honor and accept ourselves just as we are in the moment.

QiGong is gentle and easily modified so that it may be performed at any level from beginer to advanced.  And, can be performed standing, seated or half and half.

QiGong is a time-tested healing art that encompasses 3 aspects:

  1. Breath

Slow, deep, rhythmic abdominal breathing calms our mind and body. It brings us into a relaxed state.  It soothes our soul.

  1. Mind

Bringing awareness to our movements and Qi, the connection with universal energy, (staying in the now) helps to alleviate stress and bring us into a more balanced emotional state. 

  1. Body

The physical movements are gentle and slow and help us increase flexibility, increase range of motion, reduce aches and stiffness, increase fluid movement, build strength, balance and stamina. The stretching-type forms may be performed standing or seated. Although appearing simple, QiGong is a powerful practice that provides a variety of health benefits, many of which are apparent almost immediately.

Combined, these three aspects relax and integrate the mind, body and spirit, bringing us into a balanced state of calmness and health – which is a very healthy place to be coming from.  QiGong’s self-healing techniques brings a greater degree of self-awareness to each person.  The forms calm the mind and body and boost energy – both of which slow down the aging process.  QiGong is performed to preserve and restore health and vitality.  QiGong combines mind, breath and physical conditioning for a whole mind-body practice.  

QiGong is a static form – meaning we are standing in one place.  We may take a step forward or backward for some forms, but it is a static form of movement which is why most forms may also be performed seated.   

QiGong is to be practiced regularly.  I have found for myself that when I take small, relatively easy steps that are easy to incorporate into my schedule that I have a much greater level of success incorporating the new into my life.  The beauty of QiGong is that we all start where we are in this moment.  So, maybe you only practice QiGong once a week for short periods and work toward longer periods.  Then, you may build up to 2 times a week, then 3 times a week.  Whatever works for you is just perfect.  Your body will let you know.

QiGong is for everyone – of any age and any physical ability.  If you have a specific ailment that limits range of motion or strength or any chronic illness or health issue, check with your physician prior to performing.  I actually recommend checking in with your doctor prior to starting to practice and then periodically throughout.  It is great to see the charted positive results on BP, weight, cholesterol, oxygen, mood, range of motion, pain, fatigue,  insomnia and any many others! 

We are all different.  We have different physical make-ups, different time commitments and obligations so what is good for me may not work for you and vice-versa.  Find what works for you and what you enjoy and keep doing it.  There is no competition in QiGong.  We do not compare ourselves to our neighbor as we are different.  We do not judge or criticize ourselves.  We honor ourselves in the moment by performing the routine and experience gratitude for taking the time to do so.  QiGong is not a “no pain-no gain” theory.  In fact, if there is pain, there is NO gain. All the forms are performed at 90% capability.  Once you start QiGong, you will start to feel better physically and mentally almost immediately and this will propel you to continue.  QiGong is relaxing and enjoyable, making it easy to perform regularly as one looks forward to each practice.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be able to teach those that wish to learn and practice QiGong.  Our classroom approach is from a medical/health perspective in which we all practice QiGong for health and longevity and learn from one another and bond together as we enjoy this beautiful and gentle practice. 


Wake Up & Thrive

Wake Up & Thrive classes are held at the Big Foot Recreation Department in the Studio Room.  Anyone of any level can join and participate at any time.

The routine starts with deeply relaxing deep breathing and gentle stretching followed by QiGong forms and ends with a closing meditation. Students have an opportunity at the end to ask questions or seek assistance regarding the various forms and movements.

Classes meet most Mondays from
8:00 - 9:00 AM

If you are interested in private lessons please contact me directly to schedule.

If we meet at the BF Rec Department, the fees are:

30 minutes = $25            60 minutes = $50           each additional person, add $10.

If we meet elsewhere, there will be an additional fee based on the location and travel (usually $25 if local - Walworth County).