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Lauren loves helping other people to feel better, it’s her passion.  She first witnessed the power of a compassionate touch in 2011 while volunteering as an EMT for a local rescue department.  In 2012 she received her first CranioSacral Therapy treatment (CST) which changed her life as it alleviated pain when nothing else had worked.  She signed up for her first CST class in 2013 and has taken many more classes including Somatic-Emotional Release, Integrating Meridians with CST, the Brain Speaks, CST and Autism, and Full Body Presence.  She went on to obtain her Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) degree in 2016.  Additionally, she is certified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage.  Her love for learning keeps her continually growing as a person and as a therapist.  She takes classes regularly to advance her knowledge, skills, and abilities. 


Lauren understands that stress directly impacts our physical health and in 2012 received her QiGong (a moving meditation practice) instructor certification. She has been teaching QiGong, Meditation and Stress Reduction classes since 2016.  She shares education and relaxation techniques with clients, empowering and assisting them to be pro-active and make natural changes to support the happy and healthy life they desire. 


Lauren blends the knowledge gained from all sources, combining gentle, natural techniques into each treatment.  Her goal is to promote the body’s own healing process, assisting each person to alleviate pain, trauma, and dysfunction and to empower each person to make healthy choices. Lauren would be honored to assist you in your journey toward health.


I hope you can benefit from everything I've learned and I would love to help and support you as you continue in your journey toward greater health.  More information can be found about each of these amazing modalities on their respective pages and I hope you will check each one out.