An Amazing Place


An Amazing Place is a place for healing and reaching your highest health goals.  It is a place to rest and relax and trust. To rejuvenate and rejoice.  To bond and to build.

An Amazing Place is where living an amazing life is the goal and health and healing is the focus to help us achieve this.

Hello!  My name is Lauren Porstner and I am excited that you have chosen to come here.

Health encompasses many aspects of our life - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  There are so many simple steps we can take that make significant improvements in each of these areas.  Each ascension we make ripples across all aspects of our being and our health and well-being is improved.

This easy step-by-step process heads us in the right direction, the simplicity and our successes keep us motivated and going.  Pretty soon we are all humming along excited about the future.  We feel less stressed, more aware of our bodies and emotions and our purposeful life leads us toward great peace, happiness, joy, love and health across all aspects of life. 

Check out the corresponding pages to learn more about each one of the amazing modalities I use and teach. Here you will also learn when and where treatments and classes are offered and the fees for each one.